📣 Piloting RMB stablecoin in Shanghai Free Trade Zone; GIGXPAD + Conflux to tokenize real-world assets in Africa; Launched fresh new website design …
📣 Details of our upcoming upcoming hard fork; How Conflux is reshaping the NFT & gaming landscape in China; $CFX now listed on Mexo Exchange.
📣 July progress report is here; Founder Fan Long speaking at SmartCon; Developer survey.
📣 Celebrating our 3rd anniversary; Joining the DeFi Gaming Coalition; Conflux's first in-person meetup in Mexico.
LEAD Wallet partners with Conflux; Ecosystem Grants Program process and new updates; June monthly progress report highlights.
Tokens governing DeFi DAOs; Launch of Conflux Indonesia community; Restructuring DAOs for fair compensation mechanisms, reputation and efficiency.
Conflux hosts Blockchain Summit at Pujiang Innovation Forum; May monthly progress report; Conflux attends Bitcoin Conference in Miami.
A look at Conflux's growth six months post-mainnet; Recap of our AMA with grantee Sacred Finance; Fan Long comments on China forbidding the use of…
China’s new crypto ban shouldn’t stoke fear; Open DeFi hackathon ends May 23rd; Crypto mining continues to grow in North America
How Conflux is poised to take DeFi global; Conflux sponsors Open DeFi Hackathon; Diving into the $CFX tokeneconomics.
Conflux Founder Fan Long speaks to community in new AMA session; Conflux sponsors Open DeFi Hackathon; April progress report released.
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